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Operational Laptop Cases

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Operational Laptop Case

by xenapulliam

The United States Army Intelligence and Security Command (INSCOM) is a direct reporting unit that conducts intelligence, security, and information operations for U.S. Army commanders and national decision makers. INSCOM is headquartered at Fort Belvoir, Virginia.

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Navy Operational Support Center

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photo of [REDACTED] conducting special oper8shuns in [REDACTED]. For Your Eyes Only

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OpSec Laptop Case

by JohnGlocke

Recon Team Diamondback was one of the original Spike Recon teams to operate out of Da Nang and was named prior to the 'State Naming' of Recon Teams from Command and Control North. (Later teams were also to use Snake names). In operation as early as 1963 Recon team Diamondback operated from FOB 4 (Forward Operations Base 4) which was Special Forces Detachment C-1 at Da Nang. Diamondback were in place at Da Nang from the inception of MACV-SOG CCN and were reallocated Mike Force Operations in 1968 at Detachment B-16 as a Forward Recon Element throughout the DMZ.

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