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Playstation Laptop Cases

Tags: gamer, gaming, playstation-vintage, gamers, games

Vintage PS Logo Laptop Case

by pororopow

Tags: super-smash-bros, ratchet-and-clank, ratchet, clank, sony

Super Space Bros Laptop Case

by Punksthetic

Tags: japanese, japan, games, videogames, videogame

PlayStation Laptop Case

by TeeCupDesigns

Tags: fantasy, video-games, ff7, final-fantasy-vii, cloud

Seven Laptop Case

by geekbias

...after all!

Tags: fantasy, kingdom-hearts, sony, ps2, ps3


Second Silent hill shirt I've made, and was requested by a loyal fan! I'm making two more after this, but this one is based off of the Seal of Metatron, and the quote from Cheryl "What's This?" when she picks the seal up. Hope you all enjoy!

Tags: seal-of-metatron, silent-hill, games, video-games, silent-hill-3

Tags: fantasy, kratos, sly-cooper, ico, crash-bandicoot


So step on up to the plate!

Tags: persona4, persona3, shin-megami-tensei, atlus, persona-4

Chariot VII Laptop Case

by CoinboxTees

Hope u like it :)!

Tags: fantasy, psx, crash-bandicoot, tombi, tomba


only this key can conquer Kingdom Hearts.

Tags: kingdom-hearts, kingdom-hearts-playstation, kingdom, hearts, sora


Taking on the slum flower girls next week!

Tags: fantasy, tifa, tifa-lockhart, square-enix, square


Im a proud Sunflower!

Tags: xbox, playstation-4, zombies, vs, plants

Proud Sunflower Laptop Case

by LadyKillian

Some of PlayStations most memorable characters presented how they appeared in the world of Minecraft. Featuring characters from Uncharted, Ratchet & Clank, LittleBigPlanet, Journey, Resistance, InFamous, Killzone, The Last of Us, Jak & Daxter and the Sly Cooper series.

Tags: war, god, us, last, daxter

Tags: xbox, crash-bandicoot, ps4, gamer

Crash Bandicoot Laptop Case

by E7352467

Monokuma the King of Despair

Tags: dangan-ronpa, monokuma, danganronpa, school, cult

King of Despair Laptop Case

by hoborobo

A drawing that has been turned into a design, which features Sora and Roxas from Kingdom Hearts in school uniforms.

Tags: texture, school, roxas, sora, square-enix

Tags: videogamer, fanart, videogamefanart, gamergirls, videogamers


PlayStation. Great old PlayStation.

Tags: joystick, tomb-raider, gamepad, crash-bandicoot, spyro

Tags: art, 8bit-pixels, pixels, pixel, buttons

PS4 Pixel Laptop Case

by AlanU

Never Miss a QTE ever again!!!

Tags: humor, gamer, video-game, ps3, videogames


Show off to your friends and strangers at comic conventions that you've been a playtester for Sony dating all the way back to the first Playstation / PS1!

Tags: sony, nintendo, ps3, ps4, ps2

Tags: xbox, gamer, player, play, heat

Player Bone Laptop Case

by viSionDesign

Tags: art, videogames, ps3, videogame, video-game

Playstation Laptop Case

by liteybear

Never miss a QTE ever again!!

Tags: xbox, gaming, gamers, nintendo, video

Tags: buttons, symbols, black-and-white, controller, videogames

Tags: gamer, videogames, video-game, games, gaming


A play on the Play Station design, Dudey Rhino style! Many thanks to MrGM on Youtube for throwing this together for me! Check out the official Dudey Rhino Youtube channel here - https://www.youtube.com/dudeyrhino

Tags: gamer-gear, gaming, dudeyrhino, dudey-rhino-attire, dudey-rhino-merch


Never gets old

Tags: controller, ps4, sony, ps3, ps2

PS Controller Buttons Laptop Case

by EduardoBessa

Soemthing simple to make.

Tags: retro, xbox, 360, game, videogames

PS2 Shirt Laptop Case

by nickbeta

I wish you like it :D :D

Tags: video-games, metalslug, videogames, video-game, videogame

Heavy Machine Gun Laptop Case

by blackList90

Tags: video-games, square-enix, heart, attack, heartless


P L A Y S T A T I O N// Japanese text says Playstation

Tags: super-smash-bros, nintendo, gamecube, vaporwave, aesthetic

Playstation Purple Glow Laptop Case

by IceCreamPaintJob

Is PlayStation your type of gaming? Show your type of gaming with this design.

Tags: videogame, video-games, gaming, playstation-1, playstation-2


We all love the Playstation don't we? Of course you do, that's why you're here. Cement you're love with this one of a kind retro shirt depicting your fascination with all things Sony.

Tags: art, gamer, game, vintage, ps4

Pixelstation Laptop Case

by Jadderman

While it’s not a great habit, sometimes we can all be bad losers (or it’s someone else’s fault). Which games give you Gamer Rage?

Tags: gaming, humor, games, retro, parody

PS Gamer Rage Laptop Case

by PopVulture

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