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Stereotypes Laptop Cases


Male Psyche stereotype: sex, sports and beer. Graphic design about psychology.

Tags: male, brain, behavior, behaviour, mental

Male Psyche Laptop Case

by gavila

Tags: soccer, matador, beer, spanish, bull


Stereotypes Save Time. Better than wasting time getting to know someone.

Tags: lol, trending, best-seller, lolfunny, stereotypes

Stereotypes Save Time Laptop Case

by lordprofits
$36 $30


Tags: indians, etnic, native, native-american, cleveland

indian Laptop Case

by naomifaith

Girls can be whatever they'd like to be. Being pretty isn't a requirement and doesn't need to be a priority. Be smart, be adventurous, be kind, be intelligent, be ... whatever you want. Raise them strong, raise them proud. Feminists are the future.

Tags: equal-rights, gender-norms, social-norms, social-activist, activist-parents


Keep an open mind.

Tags: acceptance, social-justice, change, equality, liberal

An Open Mind Laptop Case

by Girona

Part of the Atomic Indian Presents: Art for the Home series.

Tags: art, natives, american-native, facetious, entertaining


This design is especially for those who go to the gym regularly. Tired of being bothered by people trying to get your number while you're working out? Then this is the design for you! Make it clear where your focus is and wear this tee with pride.

Tags: gym-etiquette, fun, fit, training, bodybuilder

Single - Taken - Gym Laptop Case

by MarinasingerDesigns

Rosa Parks equal

Tags: rosa-parks, civil-rights, montgomery, bus, boycott


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