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Thedonald Laptop Cases


OranguTrump claims we can build a wall and solve all our problems. It won't happen. Most undocumented immigrants are those who enter legally and overstay their visas. I would not be surprised if the recipient of the $25 billion building contract was the Trump family.

Tags: election2016, orangutan, building, politics-government, donald-trump-2016


OranguTrump thinks he can take care of the federal debt like he has handled his bankrupt businesses. But trying it would destroy the economy.

Tags: humor, political, parody, cartoon, political-campaign


After haranguing about loser companies who sell out America by outsourcing jobs to China, Trump was caught by Letterman with his ties made in China. But the entire clothing line was still made in China years later when Trump announced for President!

Tags: sellout, outsourcing, china, parody, political-satire


When is that Tribble on his head going to slide the rest of the way down his face? It should muffle him when he tries to judge women. Mock the beastly Mr.Tribblehead.

Tags: humor, beastiables, lesbeastiables, cartoons, cartoon


mr president his excellency the don donald trump

Tags: apprentice, empire, business, roots, godblessamerica


Ladies and Gentlemen... The President of the Mushroom Kingdom.

Tags: super-mario, 2016, election, politics, politcal-satire

#POTMK Laptop Case

by troytle

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