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Type Null Laptop Cases

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Design of Type: Null and Silvally from Pokemon Sun and Moon

Tags: silvally, type-null, null, pokemon, sun


Design of Type: Null from Pokémon Sun and Moon. According to the games a total of three Type: Full's were made, however, all of them went berserk and as a result they each got an helmet to prevent them from unleashing their full power. They were also put into permanent cryogenic stasis to never be awaken again. Their name also changed from Type: Full to Type: Null

Tags: moon, sun, type-null


Design of Silvally breaking out of Type: Null's body. It's more a symbolic piece to describe Silvally finally being free and able to unleash its full power.

Tags: moon, sun, type-null, silvally


Inspired by Type: Null.

Tags: notmal-type, gen-7, alola, sylvally, type-null

Design: Null Laptop Case

by alessandrocss
$36 $27

"You'll never understand me, mom!" -Gladion at some point, probably. Hand your inner Type:Null your Edgy Memory, and express your inner edgelord on the outside. Because why not, right?

Tags: pokemon, black, red, type-null, edge

Type: Edgelord Laptop Case

by Vegeluxia
$36 $30

Tags: pokemon, pikachu, pokeball, sun, moon

Null, I choose you! Laptop Case

by lilyakkuma
$36 $30

A design inspired by the new Pokemon Silvally. Considering it's a Pokemon chimera. We have a rainbow silhouette of Arceus and Arcues's ring. Show your love of Pokemon with this cool shirt.

Tags: pokemon, nintendo, arceus, silvally, sun

RKS Laptop Case

by spdy4
$36 $30

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