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Lis Long Sleeve T-Shirts


This Tshirt Is for your BFF and will remind you all about Arcadia Bay.

Tags: life-is-strange


digital painting

Tags: chloe, chloe-price, life-is-strange

Chloe Long Sleeve T-Shirt

by marziipan

Tags: vortex-club, nerd, life-is-strange, gaming, video-games


The Blackwell ninja.

Tags: arcadia-bay, max-caulfield, art, blackwell, nerd

Tags: rachel-amber, videogames, gaming, lis, max-caulfield


An awesome band called Fire Walk in Life is Strange... Don't pull the break!

Tags: firewalk, metal, retro, gaming, lighter


Twenty bucks baby ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Tags: beforethestorm, lighter, zippo, butterflyeffect, max-caulfield

Tags: yuri, gaming, gamer, video-games, game

Tags: colorful, flower

Lis Flower Long Sleeve T-Shirt

by XxJorgitoxX

Tags: chloe-price, chloe, max-caulfield, lis, maxine-caulfield


Perfect to cosplay the new (old) Chloe from the videogame "Before the storm" on the Life is Strange series.

Tags: top, cosplay, before-the-storm, lis, max-caulfield


Fanart from the Game "Life Is Strange"

Tags: chloe-price, life-is-strange


Max, I'll always be with you!

Tags: maxine-caulfield, butterfly, walking, railroad, lis


To all the fans of Max & Chloe's adventure!

Tags: time-vortex, rewind-time, butterfly, max-caufield, price


This was a commission done years ago for my mother's coworker. At her request, she wanted a fleur de lis with magnolias around it. I used to do oils and this one came out pretty good. I hope you like it, too!

Tags: painting, graphic, design, art, oil-painting


Created in Adobe Photoshop.

Tags: art, yellow, decorative, modern, french


Fleur de lis Quirky T-shirt designs by Studio Grafiikka. We create contemporary, modern, trendy designs for all ages in all parts of the world. Our designs are colorful, stylish, unique, original and highly sought after. Studio Grafiikka's artworks are modern, trendy and cool pop art designs and we constantly experiment with new styles. There are also vintage, retro, abstract and geometric designs in different collections. We have designs that best suit every style. There are typography prints, quotes, minimal designs, city names, movie and music related pop culture designs and many more. Be sure to check out our entire collection and bookmark our page so that you get to see our new releases. Cheers!!!

Tags: ink, ink-illustration, stylish, trending, best-seller

Fleur de lis Long Sleeve T-Shirt

by StudioGrafiikka

Tags: bay, cyclone, vortex, gaming, videogame


Always take the shot.

Tags: nerd, lis, max-caulfield, gaming, chloe-price

Tags: caulfiedl, max, price, chloe, lis-bts


Love is rare, life is strange. Nothing lasts, people change.


Chloe Price and Max Caulfield, best friends forever.

Tags: lis, chloe-price, max-caulfield, maxine-caulfield, pricefield

Tags: rails, woman, friend, girl, time-travel


RIP my social media accounts

Tags: scary, death, dead, goth, halloween


Check my profile for other versions!!!

Tags: life, rachel, weird, strange, girl


Positivity, glamour and a fabulous name!

Tags: personal, name, first, chrsitian, positivity



Tags: arcadia-bay, maxine-caulfield, butterfly-effect, lis, deer

Tags: video-games, accurate, nerd, geek, arcadia-bay


From life is stange, Brooke Scott wears this design

Tags: chloe, chloe-price, max-caulfield, max, game

Lightsaber Long Sleeve T-Shirt

by NicoleGrahamArt

The quote from Life Is strange in a Polaroid photo that looks old.

Tags: polaroids, caulfield, polaroid, take-a-selfie, photographer


Chemical Tiger

Tags: tags, fluid, drug, drugs, medicine

Tags: video-game, kate, feminist, max, price

Tags: time-travel, butterfly, game, caulfield, lis

Sad MAX life Long Sleeve T-Shirt

by GameShadowOO

Butterfly dream, the wing is a mysterious material. Butterfly effect. Things you cannot imagine. The dream is real.

Tags: wings, colorful, flower, bug, geometric


The fleur-de-lis is widely thought to be a stylized version of the species Iris pseudacorus.

Tags: scrollwork, new-orleans, mardi-gras


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