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TRASH NIGHT is Your seal of Quality! Our team down in the lab conducted a series of experiments on live subjects. TRASH NIGHT on OSI 74 seems to appeal to highly educated men and women, critics, film buffs, hipsters, as well as the SubGenius. FRANK ZAPPA and ANDY WARHOL loved “cheapness” and so do you. Low budget horror and cult films, ephemeral films(obsolete material that most TV stations threw in the trash 30 years ago), backyard video, and good ol’ schlock are carefully stacked in a bin and set out for you the discerning viewer to collect each Tuesday and remains ON DEMAND all week long. Pick up this high quality design used on the channel on your choice of T-shirts, tank-tops, long sleeve shirts, crewnecks, and even hoodies! Mugs, Stickers, Phone cases and other goodies ate also available. Proceeds go to support the channel. BE PROUD OF THE TRASH YOU LOVE!

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Watch Preacher Features on OSI 74! JC WEBSTER is the religious fanatic that religious fanatics are afraid of. Famous for being a Wild Caller on AM radio talk show COAST 2 COAST with ART BELL, and later GEORGE NOORY. This self-proclaimed 12 STAR GENERAL OF GOD demands that all evil doers repent or boil in pits of sewage. Recently, he has been calling in at our headquarters here at channel OSI 74! So we decided to give him EQUAL TIME on our network to show disturbing and silly religious programs in a slot on our SECRET SUNDAY line up that we call PREACHER FEATURES. In one of his famous rants he claimed that OSI 74 was “NO GOOD TELEVISION TERRORISM” and we couldn’t agree more. If you want to wear your disobedience as a badge of honor, join us by wearing one of these shirts! Mugs, stickers and othter goodies are also available! Proceeds go to support OSI 74.

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We're thinking BIGGER THAN TV. We're OSI 74! A multi-possible media network of the WEIRD and WONDERFUL, featuring truly independent producers. If you appreciate the kind of programs we present to you on our ROKU channel, on our VIMEO, on our website,live events or our growing number of affiliates, why not purchase one of these TEEPUBLIC shirts! Available in a variety of styles and features our OSI 74 Banner art and branding by MR. LOBO and MISS DIXIE. This is also a great CREW SHIRT for our especially proud content producers and providers. Mugs, stickers, phone cases, and more goodies are available with this design. PROCEEDS GO TO SUPPORT OUR EFFORTS! Thanks for reaching for the sky and supporting OSI. ALL SYSTEMS GO!

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Boo! One of the greatest Halloween albums ever recorded by MISTER LOBO, horror host of CINEMA INSOMNIA. The CD was one of itunes top 50 for Halloween! The cover is a parody of the famous childrens record CHILLING, THRILLING SOUNDS OF THE HAUNTED HOUSE and is shown here as a vinyl record. A great thing to wear while enjoying some spooky sounds. Also available as a mug, sticker, phone case, and other goodies.Proceeds go to support CINEMA INSOMNIA's 16th anniversary season on Mr. Lobo's channel for ROKU, OSI 74! osi74.com

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As seen on OSI 74! After a hideous car accident DR. CORTNER uses a serum he developed to keep his wife's head alive while he creeps around strip clubs and beauty pageants looking for a new body. This Lovecraftian and very American Frankenstein tale is a staple of late night TV and CULT MOVIE screenings. Presented on CINEMA INSOMNIA, MST3K and other hosted movie programs. This shirt from tee Public features OSI livery and color scheme and is available in a ton of styles for your body. Stickers, mugs, phone cases,and other collectibles available on demand. Proceeds from this shirt go to support independent TV!

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As seen on OSI 74! GEORGE A. ROMERO's horror classic that defined the modern ZOMBIE in cinema is a staple of late night TV and cult movie screenings. Presented on CINEMA INSOMNIA and other hosted movie programs. This shirt from TEEPUBLIC features OSI livery and color scheme and is available in a ton of styles for your body. Stickers, mugs, phone cases,and other collectibles available on demand. PROCEEDS FROM THIS SHIRT GO TO SUPPORT INDEPENDENT TV! All Systems Go!

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