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Blues Clues Notebooks


A Blues Clues and Doctor Who mashup.

Tags: doctor-who, blue, dog, puppy, clues

Who's Clues Notebook

by Moysche

We've gotta find the last claw print, That's the third clue! We put it in our notebook Cause they're Bluuuue's Clues, Bluuuue's Clues!

Tags: jurassic-park, blues-clues, jurassicpark, jurassicworld, velociraptor

Tags: caricatura, caricatures, the-blues, blues, gospel

Main Tag

Hi out there! It's me, Owen! Have you seen Blue? My raptor? Help Owen figure out Blue's clues! You can thank my fiancee for this one. She had the idea almost immediately after the movie and I almost didn't bother, but I dove right in and powered through it in a little more than a night. I personally didn't grow up with Blue's Clues being way out of the age range for it when it premiered and also never having cable, so most of the ideas here were her suggestions! I hope fans of both the movie and the show get a good laugh out this! I think the design looks pretty nice across a variety of colors so don't let my default lock you in! I only chose black because it makes the design really pop in the preview!

Tags: nerd, t-rex, jurassicpark, dino, prehistoric

Blue's Clues! Notebook

by BoBradshaw

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