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Dontnod Entertainment Notebooks

Tags: lis, butterfly-effect, dontnod-entertainment, dontnod, butterfly

butterfly Notebook

by goldexperience

ballpoint and gel pen drawing

Tags: life-is-strange, chloe-price, max-caulfield, maxine-caulfield, lis

Pricefield Notebook

by marziipan

Tags: mosh, lifeisstrange, rachel-amber, pricefield, marsh

Tags: maxine-caulfield, max, dontnod-entertainment, dontnod, max-caufield

Tags: caulfield, feminist, game, max, chloe-price

Carpe Diem Notebook

by Genesis993

"Fuck that! No way! You are my number one priority now. You are all that matters to me."

Tags: max, mad-max, shaka, price, butterfly-effect

Tags: nightvessel, storybrook, don-draper, chloe, graham


Inspired by life is strange before the storm, chloe price's optional outfit.

Tags: maxine-caulfield, butterfly-effect, chloe, max-caulfield, warren


To all the fans of Max & Chloe's adventure!

Tags: chloe-price, chloe, max-caulfield, lis, maxine-caulfield

Tags: nerd, games, game, video-games, brah

Tags: price, max, feminist, kate, butterfly-effect

Carpe diem v2 Notebook

by Genesis993

Tags: mosh, lifeisstrange, rachel-amber, pricefield, kate

Life is Strange Notebook

by hydrococo

To all the fans of Max & Chloe’s adventure!

Tags: lifeisstrange, max-caufield, life, spirals, lighthouse

Tags: chloe, max-caulfield, lis, maxine-caulfield, dontnod

Tags: lis, chloe-price, chloe, max-caulfield, maxine-caulfield

Main Tag

I Shall Ride Eternal In Valhalla!!!!! Shiny and Chrome....

Tags: max, mad-max, lord-humungus, humungus, post-apocalyptic

Shiny and Chrome Notebook

by paintchips

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