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Dunkirk Notebooks

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Tags: evacuation, battalion, spitfire, battle-of-dunkirk, germany

Dunkirk Evacuation Battalion Notebook

by MindsparkCreative


Tags: dunkirk, star-wars, scarif


Back on June 4, 1940 Winston Churchill gave this amazing speech in the house of commons. Recently brought to life in the new Churchill movie and Christopher Nolan's Dunkirk. It is said that immediately after giving the speech, Churchill muttered to a colleague, "And we’ll fight them with the butt ends of broken beer bottles because that's bloody well all we've got!" :-)

Tags: fight-on-the-beaches, speech, dunkirk, typography

Tags: one-direction, 1d, harry, louis, dunkirk

Soldier boy Harry Notebook

by mrsadfran

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