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Kongou Notebooks

Tags: yamato, fleet, mutsu, mogami, zuikaku


A chibi version of one of my favourite characters from kantai collection - abyssal wo class!

Tags: ship-girl, anime, abyssal, wo-class, chibi

Wo Kyuu Notebook

by Jaykblu
$20 $16

Tags: yamato, fleet, mutsu, mogami, zuikaku

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Iowa from Kancolle pulling off her best Rosie the Riveter impression! Kantai Collection is the product of Kadokawa Games. The art was commissioned by me and made by the wonderful and talented Linda Roze (Alina Pegova). Consent was granted by the artist for the purpose of selling it in my shop as a design. You can find the artist here at lindaroze.com

Tags: 1940s, girls, sexy, japan, carrier

Iowa - We Can Do It! Notebook

$20 $16

Tags: fleet, zuikaku, anime, kantai-collection-kancolle, shimakaze

Tags: manga, anime, akizuki, shimakaze, kantai-collection-kancolle

Tags: kaga, japan, manga, anime, shimakaze

Tags: fleet, manga, anime, shimakaze, kantai-collection-kancolle

Tags: zuikaku, anime, mutsu, kaga, kongou

Tags: shimakaze, kongou, otaku, nerd, kawaii

Tags: dragon, mutsuki, fubuki, yuudachi, kongou

Tags: seaport, shoukaku, mogami, hiryuu, nachi

Tags: kimono, fubuki, shimakaze, yuudachi, mutsuki


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