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Michael Ironside Notebooks


A shirt that will make your head explode.

Tags: movie, michael-ironside, david-cronenberg, sci-fi, 1981

Thoughts Can Kill Notebook

by TheUnseenPeril
$20 $16

Feel the wrath of Mr. Gnome! Do you feel it? The wrath of Mr. Gnome! Grab your Turbo Kid inspired design today!

Tags: mr-gnome, science-fiction, sci-fi, michael-ironside, apple

Apple Notebook

by HellraiserDesigns
$20 $16

Danish VHS cover art for Scanners directed by David Cronenberg.

Tags: michael-ironside, cronenberg, movies, david-cronenberg, horror

Scanners Danish VHS Notebook

by nerdygift
$20 $16
Main Tag

The most iconic shot from the film Scanners.

Tags: scanners, sci-fi, science-fiction, horror, david-cronenberg

ConSec's Test Notebook

by Jetfire852
$20 $16

The infamous head blowing up Scanner, Daryl Revok is ready to scream at your brain from the inside now in living color! Best to just let him go nuts on your shirt rather make your head go kaplooey.

Tags: movie, scanners, cronenberg, horror, michael-ironside

Daryl Revok Notebook

by AndysocialIndustries
$20 $16


Tags: tom-clancy, videogames, nsa, night-vision-goggles, special-forces

Sam Fisher's Van Notebook

by CCDesign
$20 $15

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