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Michiru Kaioh Notebooks


The most beautiful senshi <3

Tags: outer-senshi, neptune, michiru-kaioh, sailor-neptune

Sailor Neptune Notebook

by DracheaRannak

Michiru became a Patisserie (A Female Pastry Chef) in this Ojamajo DoReMi/Sailor Moon Cartoon Show Swap

Tags: michiru-kaioh, sailor-neptune, sailor-moo, ojamajo-dor, cross-ove

Patisserie Michiru Notebook

by lillianshuman

Guardian of the deep blue see soldier of affinity!

Tags: sailor-moon, sailor-neptune, michiru-kaioh, sailor-uranus, sailor-senshi

Neptune Planet Power Notebook

by WickedREDart

Taking a dive in her dress

Tags: sailor-moon, pretty-soldier-sailor-moon, bishoujo-senshi-sailor-moon, princess-neptune, sailor-neptune

Princess of the Sea Notebook

by StacyLGage

A series of Sailor Scout "Makeup" shirts

Tags: pretty-soldier-sailor-moon, bishoujo-senshi-sailor-moon, pretty-guardian-sailor-moon, sailormoon, sailor-moon-crystal

Tags: roses, sailor-neptune, sailor-uranus, manga, fanart

Uranus and Neptune Notebook

by AmalteaOlenska

Tags: michiru-kaioh, sailor-neptune, pretty-soldier-sailor-moon, sailormoon, bishoujo-senshi-sailor-moon

Main Tag

I've always dreamt to be a sailor soldier! So, here is the perfect outfit to feel like one of them: Sailor Neptune! It's not my favorite one, but someone can like her :D and I wanna grant the happiness of everybody! YEEEEE

Tags: eternal-sailor-moon, sailormoon, pretty-guardian-sailor-moon, bishojo-senshi, senshi

Sailor Neptune bow Notebook

by 3183martinat

Tags: kokoro, heart, pure, shaking, world


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