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Paperback Notebooks

Tags: stephen-king, book, johnny-smith

The Dead Zone Notebook

by Julientel89

Tags: the-hunger-games, battle-royale, dystopian, sci-fi, book

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Maybe a little rough and frothy around the edges but Cujo still has that same ol' puppy charm.

Tags: movie, st-bernard, puppy, pets, 1980s

Cujo Notebook

by AndysocialIndustries

Visit Gilead - Witness the spectacle of the Gunslingers in all their glory and learn about our amazing history - right back to the legendary King Arthur Eld - whose descendants still govern and keep the peace to this day. Based on the home town of everyone's favourite Gunslinger Roland Deschain - design inspired by the famous 'Visit Stoke Newington' bus travel poster.

Tags: travel, retro, vintage, the-dark-tower, stephen-king

Visit Gilead Notebook

by paulychilds

Tags: movie, psychic, 1979, the-stand, cujo

Tags: pyrokinesis, pyro, stranger-things, paperback, book


Wine Drinker With A Book Problem - Funny Book Club T Shirt. This awesome funny drinking shirt is a great Christmas, Xmas, Holiday gift for any avid reader and lover of fiction, non- fiction.

Tags: kindle, books, novel, bookworm, book-club

Tags: movie, pyrokinesis, pyro, stranger-things, book

Tags: stranger-things, pyrokinesis, pyro, paperback, book

Tags: paperback, book, randall-flagg, man-in-black, western

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Tags: killer-animal, movie, horror, stephen-king, dog

Tags: randall-flagg, man-in-black, book, paperback, western

Tags: metal, rock, pyro, paperback, stranger-things

Pyrokinesis Notebook

by Johanpele

Tags: movie, paperback, book, carrie-white, psychic

Main Tag

Tags: movie, 70s-horror, brian-depalma, sissy-spacek, telekinesis


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