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Russian Collusion Notebooks

Tags: muellertime, its-miller-time, miller-lite, russia, president

Mueller Time Notebook

by jinigo1
$20 $16

When you get home from a hard day of fighting the corrupt DC Crazies it’s good to be able to crack open an ice cold investigation into the most corrupt administration in US History.

Tags: not-my-president, resist, robert-mueller, putins-puppet, russiagate

Mueller Time! Notebook

by teegraph
$20 $16

Russian State TV: "Trump is ours"? More psychological warfare to drive the wedge deeper. Dump Trump. Vote for the young in 2018.

Tags: trump-and-russia, trump-sucks, russian-interference, russian-state-tv, trump-is-putins-clown

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Thanks Russia!

Tags: donald-trump, collusion, politics, soviet-union, communism

Collusion Notebook

by OrangeCup
$20 $15

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