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Tiananmen Square Notebooks


Resisting Tyrannical Government drawing with the Asplenia Studios logo in the bottom right corner

Tags: china, tyranny, tank, tiananmen, tiananmen-square

Resisting Tyrannical Government Notebook

by AspleniaStudios
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This man refused to move aside from a group a tanks during the tiananmen protest of 1989. Although there were more ‘’Tank Man’s’’ or woman this one is unique because it’s the only one recorded. This man became a symbol of protest. An unknown man

Tags: unknown-rebel, hero, text, word, uprsising

Tank Man- Disobey Notebook

by Rebellion10
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Tank Man (AKA The Unknown Rebel) was of course the anonymous hero who was seen during the protests at Beijing's Tienanmen Square on June 5, 1989 stopping Chinese T59 tanks as they rolled down Chang'an Avenue. No one knows what happened to Tank Man. Many think he was dragged off by Chinese secret police and executed along with so many others. This common man's actions, however, emboldened millions to stand athwart tyranny. The original images that came from this heroic act entranced the World. Charlie Cole's photo of Tank man was awarded as one of the 100 photos that changed the World.

Tags: man, unknown-rebel, tiananmen-square, june-4th, june-5th

Tienanmen Tank Man Shirt Notebook

by LibertyManiacs
$20 $15

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