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Wcfields Notebooks

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Take a step back in time or into an alternate timeline where colonialism is a little less fraught. Or just ignore the time thing and just, if you like oranges, here's a girl picking oranges and it's pretty.

Tags: child, bright-colors, cute, cartoon, girl

Orange Grove Notebook

by LunarFox

Hand-lettering from the front doors of the New Old Lompoc House, Lompoc, California. Designed for navy blue shirts.

Tags: lompoc, the-bank-dick, the bank dick, thebankdick, w c fields


Replica crate stencil from Bissonette's Blue Bird Oranges. With phony wood grain texture and 'distressing.'

Tags: fruitcrate, fruit-crate, fruit crate, stencil, blue bird


Replica crate stencil for Bissonette's Blue Bird Oranges. Intended for the tan shirts, but other high-contrast options work as well.

Tags: wcfields, w-c-fields, bissonette, california-oranges, itsagift


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