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Yellowranger Notebooks


This design was inspired by a never drifting love for Power rangers & a warped memory of a game that was far from how I remembered it. "Power Rangers Zeo: Battle Racers" was based off the third team in the series & it looked like all sorts of fun, but by then I just couldn't help & imagine what this game would've played like with the original team behind the wheels. Giant monster feet stomping on the racetrack, Dragonzord tracking missiles, freezing mastodon beams, megazord combinations to get the upper hand over opponents? Who knows!? What started off as a doodle of the red ranger on a t-rex kart set off a chain reaction which when mixed & mashed with Mario Kart led to the tee you see in front of you: Mighty Morphin Power Racers!

Tags: mighty-morphin-power-rangers, zords, bulkandskull, teenagerswithattitude, 1990s


A MMPR design specifically for Tommy, the Green Ranger!

Tags: tommy-oliver, greenranger, mighty-morphin-power-rangers, power-rangers, mmpr

It's Morphin' Time GREEN Notebook

by mikerozon
$20 $16

New faces, zords, & leader (not winner since Rocky's got first place covered!) This one goes out to the fans that stuck around past the green ranger saga of the series & saw that a little thunder goes a long way: The Mighty Morphin Power Racers "Thunderstruck" variant.

Tags: zords, bulkandskull, teenagerswithattitude, 1990s, 90s

Main Tag

Tags: trini, power-rangers, mighty-morphin-power-rangers, zyuranger, zordon

Paper YellowRanger Notebook

by Samtronika
$20 $16

Tags: zack, trini, kimberly, billy, jason

Go Go Notebook

by nochi
$20 $16

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