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Cryptkeeper Onesies

Tags: monster, zombie, crypt, halloween, thriller

crypt keeper Onesie

by NILES2209

Tags: anthology, television, tales-from-the-crypt, horror, puns

Boils & Ghouls Onesie

by jaredBdesign

Tags: cryptkeeper, tales-from-the-crypt

Main Tag

a parody of tales from the crypt inspired by the call of cthulhu

Tags: monsters, pop-culture, parody, mashup, geek

Tales from the Deep Onesie

by BoggsNicolas

Billy Zane as The Collector from "Tales From The Crypt: Demon Knight".

Tags: monsters-and-maniacs, andysocial-industries, andysocial, demon, horror

The Collector (Demon Knight) Onesie

by AndysocialIndustries

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