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Aerith Gainsbourg Phone Cases

Tags: zack, cloud, cosplay, aeris-gainsbourg, aeris-gainsborough

Tags: anime, cosplay, aeris-gainsbourg, aeris-gainsborough, aeris

Aerith is my Spirit Animal Phone Case

by stateements
$25 $22

Tags: fantasy, zack, cloud, cosplay, aeris-gainsbourg


I've made this in two different variants because white doesn't look well on some of the black, so I've made separate colors to suit the different shirt colors.

Tags: final-fantasy-7, final-fantasy-vii, midgar, aerith, video-games

Final Fantasy Aerith COLOR Phone Case

by HybridEmblem
$25 $22

Serge Gainsbourg watercolor portrait

Tags: gainsbourg, serge, singer, french, pianist

Serge Gainsbourg Phone Case

by HelenaCooper
$25 $20

old japanese technique from the 8the century. it consists to draw in a few lines only with chinese ink on paper. this art is part of zen culture

serge gainsbourg Phone Case

by pechane
$25 $20

Tags: final-fantasy, final-fantasy-7, ff7, ffvii, aeris

Aerith Gainsborough Phone Case

by Incera
$25 $22

This is the Aerith in the white background, which looks better for light colors. I have a dark color version available as well if you want something like black. Thanks!

Tags: fantasy, final-fantasy-7, ff7, ffvii, midgar


She didn't have to die!!!

Tags: gaming, gamer, parody, geek, playstation

Aerith I miss you.... Phone Case

by SonicJin
$25 $22
Main Tag

A tribute to one of the greatest moments in one of the greatest RPGs of all time.

Tags: rpg, jenova, moment, aeriths-death, aeris-death

Remembering Aerith Phone Case

by Hyperlixir
$25 $22

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