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Animalliberation Phone Cases



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a small step for an elephant, a giant step for humanity

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This t-shirt is dedicated to Gorgona, the last prison island in Italy. Here, over the past 25 years, many detainees have shared their lives with a group of cows, pigs and other so called breeding animals. As Marco Verdone, homeopath veterinary in the island says: "Until a few years ago Gorgona was the island from which prisoners came out as free individuals, while animals, free individuals, came out as food." This oxymoron laid the foundations of an extraordinary project that led to the recognition, in 2014, of the first animals with the status of "refugee and cooperator for detainees treatment". In this way Gorgona became “l’isola che c’è” (Everland), a land of peace and freedom for all. Gorgona also became the stage of a singular re-education model for prisoners. As explained by Marco Verdone: "every healing path is based on the relationship between subjects and the relationship with animals is a relationship that makes you grow up through education. Attending the animals, such different from us, and yet so similar brings to a deep self-knowledge. The animal is also a non-judgmental individual and this is an important source of emotional release, which is very important for detainees". As in any fairy tale, however, the harmony built up on the island over the past 25 years is now threatened by other management decisions that seem to have canceled the complex work aimed at creating the basis for a true nonviolent education model. An ongoing national mobilization is trying to defend the right to life of non-human animals that inhabit the island and the inappropriateness of a slaughterhouse in a prison. Teecotee wants to join this chorus with this t-shirt portraying a little veal, which was born in the Island and was called Libertà (Freedom) from her human detainees friends. On her front, the shape of Gorgona Island, white island of peace,on her eyes the reflex of a man on his path towards freedom

Tags: nature, animal, libert, freedom, ahimsa


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