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Aphorisms Phone Cases


Graphic illustration design, digitally created using vector and pixel based applications, enhanced with graphic, typographic and artistic methods by Gary Grayson from Arlington, Texas.

Tags: raven, poe, bird, quoth-the-raven, the-raven

Nevermore Phone Case

by GraysonDesign

"Quoth the Raven, 'Nevermore'" Edgar Allan Poe

Tags: poetry, vintage, quote, literary, dark

Tags: animal, best, pop-culture, video-game, black-and-white

Land of Mysteries Phone Case

by CrumblinCookie

Coat of arms for all artists fighting art wars. “ARS LONGA VITA BREVIS” is a greek aphorism by Hipocrates. Life is short, art prevails.

Tags: gifts-for-artists, grey-and-gold, art-blazon, artist-blazon, laurel-crown

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Tags: art, crow, the-raven, quoth-the-raven, poe

Raven Mad Phone Case

by Taellosse

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