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Bouvier Des Flandres Phone Cases


Mrs Bouvier! - Grampa

Tags: funny, cartoon, seymour, movie, marge


The Grim Reaper drapes this beautiful lady in his cloak to take her to the Realm of the Dead.

Tags: art, death, dead, skull, dark


Long live DFW. Les Assassins des Fauteuils Rollents, as described in Infinite Jest. “Les Assassins des Fauteuils Rollents of Quebec are essentially cultists, locating both their political raison d’etre and their philisophical dasein within the North American sociohistorical interval of intensive special interest diffraction that preceded – nay, one might daresay stood in integral cause relation with respect to – the nearly simultaneous inaugurations of O.N.A.Nite governance, continental Independance, and the commercial subsidization of a lunar O.N.A.N. calendar. Like most Canadian cult extensions, however, the Wheelchair Assassins and their cultic derivations have proven substantially more fanatical, less benign, less reasonable, and substantially more malignant – in sum, more difficult for responsible authorities to anticipate, control, interdict, or reason with than even the most passionate U.S. kebals."

Tags: dfw, david-foster-wallace, infinite-summer

Tags: mar-del-valle, graphic-design, bianca-des-anges, gothic, goth

bianca des anges Phone Case

by MarDelValle

Les Oubliettes, votre sanctuaire des films étranges et oubliés en VHS. Émission de podcast Québécois Design 2016 par Laure-Anne Lafrenière Design logo par Philippe Tremblay


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