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Budgets Phone Cases


Dave Ramsey's long lost brother Dan exposes the truth. The truth shall set you free. Another truth nugget, "Budgets are meant to be broken." He would tell you to buy this shirt.

Tags: break, millionaire, pay, budget, debt


Artists can not live on "Exposure" Alone. Artist's Pay Matters. If you have a Budget, then Budget for an artist to do the work.

Tags: budgets, rights, exposure, scale, artistic

Artist's Pay Matters Phone Case

by ArtGuyDesigns

Tags: Election Related Protests Inspire "Suck It Up, Buttercup" Law. Republican Iowa Representative Bobby Kaufmann is planning to introduce new legislation in January that will cut the budgets of state funded colleges and universities that spend tax payer dolla

Tags: election-related-protests-inspire-suck-it-up-buttercup-law-republican-iowa-representative-bobby-kaufmann-is-planning-to-introduce-new-legislation-in-january-that-will-cut-the-budgets-of-state-funded-colleges-and-universities-that-spend-tax-payer-dolla

Tags: corythosaurus, acting-director, jurassic-park-4, jurassic-park-2, directing


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