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Colossus Titan Phone Cases


Homage to one of my favorite games and the 16 bosses that make it so awesome.

Tags: art, pixelated, pixelart, video-games, colossi

The 16 Colossi (#2) Phone Case

by NazatoGameDev

“But heed this, the price you pay may be heavy indeed.” (In Runic Text) A design inspired by the sacrifice of a young mortal within the forbidden lands. Depicts Dormin’s grasp upon the lone Wander as he desperately undergoes the trials before him, reaching out to resurrect the mysterious young maiden, Mono.

Tags: sword, warrior, shadow-the-colossus, team-ico, wanda

The Fall Phone Case

by JulgaTH

Tags: playstation, ps2, video-game, nerd, gaming



Tags: gaming, videogames, colossus, shadow-colossus, retro

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Tags: shadow, wander, colossus, colossus-titan, shadow-the-colossus


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