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Death Star Plans Phone Cases

Tags: rebel-alliance, jyn-erso, starwars-rogue-one, death-star, rogue-one

Time to Rebel Phone Case

by BER
$25 $22
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This nerdy fan homage takes you back to the long late weekend nights spent at a friends house being tortured into the wee hours by the game master, smack talking and binging on Mountain Dew and Pixie Sticks. Fan Favorite rebel leader as a twenty sided battle damaged die is a Critical Hit! Science Fiction Fans Nerds and geometry buffs rejoice! No one wants to role a 1 in the heat of space combat. Avoid the Critical Miss. Wear this t-shirt and have an Icosahedron Astromech at your side, keeping you on target every time you roll the dice! Deal double damage; this t-shirt is a natural 20! House of HaHa is a small artist owned independent t-shirt brand created by artists Aaron and Melody Gardy. We started House Of HaHa hoping to use our talents in art and humor to celebrate our love for laughing and geek cultures and hopefully free us from our unhappy day jobs in the process. Being the dreamers we are, we also wanted to make the world a better place at the same time - even if we were only creating a few extra laughs in the world. Then we realized we could do so much more than that. T-shirts can start conversations, bring attention to great causes, support amazing artists, and help promote local businesses. Today we try to make sure everything we do to help our business has the potential to also help someone else. We also live nomadic, driving the scenic routes of the country, camping in as many natural wonders as possible.. So that's a little about where we're coming from and where we're going. We hope to see you along the way! Follow our nomadic travel adventures camping across America with our dog Grimbo and a camera! by searching House Of HaHa online and following us on social media. Thanks & Have A Reasonable Day (:|)

Tags: nerd, jedi, co-pilot, die, dice-sets

R2-D20 Phone Case

by House_Of_HaHa
$25 $20

Professor Oak is teaching the plans to use a pokeball to the new trainers. Mashup of Pokemon series and the scene from Star Wars: Episode IV.

Tags: pokemon, star-wars, death-star-plans, professor-oak, funny


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