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Fuku Phone Cases

Tags: pretty-guardian-sailor-moon, bishoujo-senshi-sailor-moon, sailormoon, tsukino, tsukino-usagi

Moon Brooch Phone Case

by IamSare

So this is Sailor Saturn. I really like this character after watching the Deathbusters arc. It was really good. So, I decided to use what flower would be perfect for Saturn? She has no flowers for her planet. I chose Belladonna and Deadly Nightshade

Tags: floral, flowers, space, saturn, planet

Tags: sailor-moon, outer-senshi, 90s-anime, anime-quotes, art

Tags: nerd, sailor-moon, pretty-guardian-sailor-moon, sailor-senshi, bishoujo-senshi

Fighting Saturn Phone Case

by machmigo

An awesome picture of Ai Enma, aka. Hell Girl.

Tags: anime, girl, hell

Ai Enma - Hell Girl Phone Case

by guestlrjug722to9b9he56fis

Fan Art dedicated to Sailor Saturn

Tags: soldier, senshi, guardian, pretty, kawaii

Sailor Saturn Phone Case

by trigun29

Tags: usagi-tsukino, usagi, tsukino-usagi, eternal-sailor-moon, senshi

Champion of Justice Phone Case

by ColourMoiChic

Tags: takeuchi, naoko, naoko takeuchi, manga, anime

Sailor moon Crystal Walk Phone Case

by albertosancami

Tags: anime, pretty-soldier-sailor-moon, sailor-mars, sailor-mercury, sailor-moon

Senshi Phone Case

by PageBranson

A small tribute to the classic anime. And Pizza Hut.

Tags: sailor-moon-crystal, sailormoon, sailor-venus, sailor-v, gotta-book-it

Gotta Book It! Phone Case

by Ellador
Main Tag

This is a fanart, my personal tribute to Sailor Moon

Tags: anime, spiral-heart-moon-rod, moon, super-sailor-moon, tsukino

Super Sailor Moon (OAC) Phone Case

by YueGraphicDesign

Tags: girl, pretty-guardian-sailor-moon, sailor-senshi, bishoujo-senshi, tsukino-usagi


This in a fan-art, my personal tribute to Sailor Moon, inspired by the design of the 3rd series of Sailor Moon Crystal.

Tags: pretty-soldier-sailor-moon, sailormoon, bishoujo-senshi-sailor-moon, pretty-guardian-sailor-moon, eternal-sailor-moon


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