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Funny Penguins Phone Cases


Is penguin is your Patronus? Then grab this tee for yourself or for the whole family or friends who is a penguin lover whether it is an Emperor, King, Little, African, Magellanic, Southern, or ETC. Purchase this and makes a perfect gift or present tee. Show your love for penguins by purchasing and wearing this "My Patronus is a Penguin Cute Novelty Gift T-Shirt". This tee is the great apparel to all who loves penguin, wizard, magic, spells, witches, and mystical. What are you waiting for? Get yours now!

Tags: penguin-gifts, gift, funny-penguin-gifts, penguins, funny-penguins

My Patronus is a Penguin Phone Case

by Ianandhisladyff55
$25 $20

'Penguins Can't Fly, I Can't Fly, Therfore I Am A Penguin', funny and cute penguin quote graphic, for those who love these cute black and white birds. Grab this witty and hilarious penguin cartoon design and show the world your love for penguins and of course, tell everyone that you are now officially, a penguin!

Tags: penguin, funny-penguin-gifts, funny-penguins, penguin-gift-ideas, funny-penguin


A penguin slacks off from the daily grind of caring for his egg, to check his messages on his phone.

Tags: cell-phone, plugged-in, internet-addict, internet, sms

Penguin Using A Cell Phone Phone Case

by mailboxdisco
$25 $22

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