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Japa Phone Cases


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A mala on a Tshirt! 108 repetitions of the mantra SO HAM. It means ‘I am That’. The great breath mantra. The inbreath says SO, the outbreath says HAM. Follow them into infinity. 108 is the number of beads on a mala, used for remembering to sound a mantra. Protect yourself with this powerful mantra!

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Hindus, please don’t be offended, no disrespect intended. I’m sure Ganesh has a great sense of humour. We have a bhajan group here in Melbourne. We frequently play “Ganesha Sharanam”. There is a larger version too – Ganesh Plugged In – Large. …check the folio. The design is based upon traditional Indian village art which of course did not include a $3000 fender.

Tags: om, music, sacred-geometry, india, mind-body-spirit

Ganesh plugged in Phone Case

by KimOz
$25 $22

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