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Jesuisparis Phone Cases


"Même pas peur!" is a classic French phrase, usually said by kids in a school yard directed towards bullies. "You don't even scare me" is what you could translate it. That phrase was painted on a giant banner and placed in the middle of one the largest square in Paris (Place de la Bastille) as a sign of defiance to the terrorists. It's the quintessential symbol for not backing down and standing your ground.

Tags: standwithparis, paris, jesuischarlie

Même pas peur! Phone Case

by adupont65
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Tags: skyline, cityscape, night, i-am-paris, jesuisparis

Paris at Night Phone Case

by ChangeRiver

Tour de Eiffel

Tags: art, print, rough, hand-lettering, hand-drawn

PARIS! PARIS! Phone Case

by johnjohnjohnjohn

Je Suis Paris - I Am Paris. Vintage Distressed Look

Tags: france, i-am-paris, paris, paris-france, jesuisparis

Tags: france, french, paris, je-suis-paris, pray-for-france

Air Force Phone Case

by valentinpereda

Friends stand united. France is a friend. We are united. Stand with France.

Tags: prayer, protest, military, equal, lesbian


24601 - The prisoner number assigned to Jean Valjean while imprisoned at Toulon Prison. From the novel and play by Victor Hugo.

Tags: dramatists, opera, opera-music, playhouse-theater, military-drama


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