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Kapital Phone Cases

Tags: dollar, banksy, humor, parody, disney

Kapital Phone Case

by forgreatjustice
$25 $20

David Harvey is a Marxist Anthropologist who has written many books about capitalism and social justice.

Back To Das Kapital Phone Case

by nadawear
$25 $22

The tradition of philosophical designs continues - this time dedicated to the Prussian-born philosopher Karl Marx. Split between his younger and older self, caught in the triangle of base and superstructure, which culminated in his life's major work "Das Kapital". This one is for all of you philosophers out there. "The production of too many useful things results in too many useless people." - Karl Marx

Tags: class-war, revolutionary, marx, marxist, marxist-revolutionary

The Time of Marx Phone Case

by Anthraey
$25 $22

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