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Kari Kamiya Phone Cases



Tags: digiworld, digivolution, digievolution, level-champion, digimon-digital-monsters


For those who light the way for their fellow digital adventurers

Tags: digital-monsters, digimon-digital-monsters, digimon-adventure, digimon-adventure-tri, crest-of-light

Team Light Phone Case

by StevenReeves

This shirt has been long overdue. To complete the Digimon set, Here is the final crest. The Crest of Light. With a neon outline of Gatomon, & her ultimate Digi-Evolution, AngeWomon. Not only did I need to complete this but I also did this as a request! It warms my heart that people want to see my designs. If you're a fan of Digimon, or just want something cool looking to wear. This is the shirt of you!.

Tags: angewomon, pink, cool, awesome, bandai-namco


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