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Land Of The Lost Phone Cases


Oh, Lando! http://jason.gallery

Tags: lando-calrissian, land-of-the-lost, cloud-city, geek, funny

Lando The Lost Phone Case

by jasonwright
$25 $20

From the overlooked flick (not the TV show, although I love that too), "Land Of The Lost", it's the mighty sluggish Sleestak.

Tags: krofft, monsters-and-maniacs, andysocial-industries, andysocial, enoch

Sleestak Phone Case

by AndysocialIndustries
$25 $22

Land of the lost

Tags: motivation, gym, will-ferrell-quotes, funny, movie

Your own darn vault Phone Case

by mailshansen
$25 $20
Main Tag

Remember these guys from The Land of the Lost? Relive some of those childhood memories wearing this shirt!

Tags: sleestak, land-of-the-lost, old-tv-shows, science-fiction, scifi

Sleestak Attack! Phone Case

by tobiasneal
$25 $20

Possibly one of the worst puns ever, mashing two pieces of sci fi from my formative years.

Tags: mash-up, khan, star-trek, chaka, land-of-the-lost

Chaka Khan Phone Case

by schowder
$25 $20

Creature from the Black Lagoon - Boombox, tshirt, sleezstack, land of the lost, movies, vintage, retro, creature, lizard, monster, artwork

Tags: sleezstack, creature, movies, vintage, retro


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