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Naoko Takeuchi Phone Cases

Tags: pretty-guardian-sailor-moon, pretty-soldier-sailor-moon, bishoujo-senshi-sailor-moon, sailor-senshi, rei-hino

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Tags: manga, naoko-takeuchi, pretty-guardian-sailor-moon, bishoujo-senshi-sailor-moon, usagi-tsukino


I made Sailor Moon Senshi into a mix between a Summer girl and tatoos.. I really like the final result.

Tags: toei-animation, moon, manga, serenity, serena


If you love art noveau and Sailor moon, this is the T-shirt for you. the moon princess will be with you always

Tags: moon-princess, sailor, naoko-takeuchi, illustration, pretty-guardian-sailor-moon

Moon Queen Phone Case

by nillusart

Retro 3D Sailor Moon, inspired by the Japanese School Girl Gangs out of the 70's! Girl Power!

Tags: bad-ass, gang, street-gang, toei-animation, pretty-guardian-sailor-moon


No matter who, when or why. Love matters.

Tags: lgtb, michiru, haruka, gay-pride, lesbian-pride

Tags: takeuchi, naoko, naoko takeuchi, manga, anime

Sailor moon Crystal Walk Phone Case

by albertosancami

My two favorite things in a T-shirt :P hope you like it as much as I do.

Tags: girl, nerd, manga, anime, naoko-takeuchi


A small tribute to the classic anime. And Pizza Hut.

Tags: sailor-moon-crystal, sailormoon, sailor-venus, sailor-v, gotta-book-it

Gotta Book It! Phone Case

by Ellador

Super Sailor Mercury's Water Harp and symbol

Tags: sailor-mercury, tv-shows, nerd, tv, anime


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