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Sakabatou Phone Cases


enjoy himura kenshin with hitten mitsurugi

Tags: samurai-x, samurai, katana, sakabatou, heroes

The X Mark Phone Case

by orangpalsu
$25 $22

Dedicated to Rurouni Kenshin, this piece captures the climatic scene where Kenshin finally unleashes his ultimate move called the Amakakeru Ryƫ no Hirameki (Literal translation: Flash of the Heavenly Dragon) against his arch-nemesis, Shishio. It's an insanely thrilling and satisfying scene... a worthy climax to the most epic story arc from the all-time favourite manga series. Enjoy!

Tags: shishio, kyoto-inferno, heavenly-dragon, amakakeru-ry-no-hirameki, sakabatou


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