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Tadashi Hamada Phone Cases


Inspired by the rain scene in Studio Ghibli's My Neighbor Totaro this portrait features the characters from Big Hero 6 : Baymax and the Hamada brothers , Tadashi and Hiro.

Tags: totoro, parody, miyazaki, hayao-miyazaki, disney

My Neighbor Baymax Phone Case

by KiellR
$25 $22

"Who the heck is Tadashi?" This design is based on the theory of what is going to happen in Big Hero 7 (http://www.movienewsguide.com/big-hero-7-movie-tadashi-alive-plays-villain-stan-lee-confirms-sequel/62242) It may turn out that this is totally not what happens, as at this point this is still just a theory, but still I thought it would make a cool design! I'm actually quite proud of this one (Even though it hurt to make </3) So I hope you like it! (Yes, the title is also a Doctor Who reference but I thought it went so well with the theory X3)

Tags: movie, big-hero-6, big-hero-six, bigherosix, bighero6


This looks cool on anything.

Tags: label, sticker, chip, tadashi-hamada, tadashi


As seen on Tadashi Hamada's hat.

Tags: nerd, comics, comic, ninjas, ninja

San Fransokyo Ninja Phone Case

by Ellador
$25 $22
Main Tag

"Tadashi is here"

Tags: movies, pop-culture, geek, movie, nerd

Green Chip Phone Case

by variable
$25 $22

Minimalist Baymax from Big Hero 6

Tags: comic, design, bighero6, hairybaby, gogo-tomago

Baymax Phone Case

by Kaztiel
$25 $20

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