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Bill Potts Stickers


“Men aren’t where I keep my eye, actually.” – Bill Potts

Tags: doctor-who, lgbtq, lesbian, gay-pride, pride

Where I Keep My Eye Sticker

by ponderingtaylor17

Tags: peter-capaldi, doctorwho, 12thdoctor, nardole, bill-potts

Tags: doctor-who, tardis, whovian, the-doctor, doctorwho

Bill Quote Sticker

by scoffin

Tags: the-doctor, twelfthdoctor, bill-potts, whovian, 12thdoctor

Angry Doctor (Bill Version) Sticker

by MrPandaDesigns

Tags: heroine, scifi-women, companions, amelia-pond, new-who

Doctor Who Names Sticker

by scifi_women

A tribute to the tenth season of TV series Doctor Who

Tags: doctor-who, world-enough-and-time, the-master, pearl-mackie, nardole

I Waited for You Sticker

by OmerNaor316

12th Doctor and CyberBill

Tags: doctorwho, dr-who-bill, the-doctor, cyberman, 12thdoctor

Cyberadventure Time Sticker

by SanFernandez

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