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Mama Africa Stickers


Rad & original family of giraffe's cartoon drawing, suited for kids, both girls and boys. Adult people with a young mind can also wear it, though! This design is perfect for safari game rides, wear it while spotting the Savannah animals. This sweet giraffe family has been always living in freedom. Let's protect that lovely, awesome and incredibly tall animals, so they can be free forever... Because giraffe lives matter! African Colors T-Shirts offers you a whole brand new series of African inspired designs. Welcome back to The Motherland!

Tags: anti-hunters, zoo, zoological, love, freedom

Tags: bbq, obama-mama, t-mama-baby, bahama-mama, t-cancro-da-mama

Mama's Boy Sticker

by BeverlyLopez
$2.50 $2.00

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