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Deontologist T-Shirts


Sapere Aude – the motto of the enlightenment – THE philosophy T-Shirt for true intellectuals. It features a beautiful calligraphic font and a portrait of Immanuel Kant. “Dare to be wise” by Horace was used by Kant in the famous essay “What Is Enlightenment". Wear this philosophy Latin Phrase Shirt with the famous philosophy quote to your school, college or university to show your love for philosophy. A great Christmas present or gift for all historians, intellectuals, philosophy students, teacher or professors.

Tags: enlightenment, horace, portrait, latin, phrase


A mashup t-shirt featuring famous thinker Immanuel Kant combined with musical act Heart cuz wouldn't it be great if great minds got great band shirts?

Tags: geek, nerd, grok, philosophy, mash-up

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KALE T-Shirt

by KeepingVegan
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