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Hey Guys and Gals this is my fan illustration of Springtrap from the famous Fazbear Frights lol. I Bonnie is still my all time fav but I had a lot of fun trying to beat fnaf 3 with my little brother. We spent hours and hours trying to get past night 5 super hard. Springtrap was very interesting as a character for the over all plot of the fnaf story and loved the back story of Springtrap being found behind a fake wall. so I wanted to emulate that. I made a full body version of and masked him off behind the wall and as if he was just found. Kinda tilted to one side, I also had a lot of people asking for Springtrap at eirtakon last year so I really wanted to add in Springtrap to the main collection. anyway if you like this design, then please check out the other designs. and if you would like to see a break down of the design please flow the link below. http://aaniallbyrne.blogspot.ie/ also follow me hear to stay put to date. https://twitter.com/Phoenix_tweetin http://madmanwithagraphicstablet.tumblr.com/ Also thank you all so much the positive feedback and thank you so much for taking the time to look. :) Five Nights at Freddy’s & all associated characters belong to Scott Cawthon. Also go play the new game Five Nights at freddy’s games 1 2 3 and 4 also fnaf world :D

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We Love Springtrap T-Shirt

by niallbyrne
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get ready T-Shirt

by oria
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