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Lizard Art T-Shirts


A great design if you're into lizards and tattoo inspired art. And of course, if you like frequenting nighttime establishments and clubs then this is for you. A colourful and unique design that has a cool message to boot.

Tags: chill, chill-out, bar, relaxing, lounge

Lounge Lizard - Gekko T-Shirt

by propellerhead

The Neptunian Galaxy has a blue-green aura, and it casts its mystic colors against this lizard's chameleon-like skin. Much like the chameleon, the lizard is camouflaged against the background, hiding away from its alien predators.

Tags: lizard, lizards, lizard-art, lizard-artwork, reptile

Main Tag

This lizard is a dreamer, and one day he wishes he could visit the desert dunes of the Sahara. For now, he wanders along the lounge chair daydreaming of the day his dream trip will come true.

Tags: lizard, lizards, art, artwork, digitalart


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