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Osgood T-Shirts


Fan art Doctor Who

Tags: doctor-who, peace-sign, circular-gallifreyan, doctorwho

Osgood Box T-Shirt

by Mad42Sam

"This is a scale model of war! Every war ever fought, right there in front of you." The phrase "It's not a game" from the 12th Doctor's anti-war speech in Circular Gallifreyan over the Osgood Box.

Tags: doctor-who, peter-capaldi, osgood-box, circular-gallifreyan, gallifreyan

It's Not a Game T-Shirt

by GallifreyanArchitect
Main Tag

Get ready to save the World with Osgood in this comedy “Doctor Who” inspired Parody T-Shirt

Tags: tv-shows, cute, funny, osgood, cartoons

Tags: dalek, river-song, osgood, clara, rory

Companion in Training T-Shirt

by tomkurzanski

The four Doctors having fun with the bump cars!

Tags: art, doctor-who, delorean, time-travellers, time-travel

Bump the Doctors T-Shirt

by saqman
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