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Social Justice Quotes T-Shirts


Society fights many battles behind their social media handles. But one must beg to ask; Does getting anyone removed from social media really deter undesired behavior? Is getting someone fired from their job over an online argument, justice? How often would the actions of others go unnoticed if there were LESS social media? Do our efforts to thwart evil online exceed any further than 1's and 0's? Does a stricter policy online help to alleviate issues in real life? Or is it all just, Social Media Justice?

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Social Media Justice T-Shirt

by limpymalone

Why Be Racist, Homophobic, Sexist or Transphobis When You Could Just Be Quiet? Equality, Equal Rights, LGBTQ, LGBT, Feminist, Radical Feminism, Equal Rights For All.

Tags: social-justice-warrior, womens-rights, social-justice, equal, equal-rights


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