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Ground Zeroes Tank Tops

Tags: mgs, ground-zeroes, louisros, kojima, diamond-dogs

Do me a solid Tank Top

by Louisros

I love the character design (good job shinkawa!)of big boss in mgs5, so making this tshirt was a lot of fun.

Tags: art, metal-gear-solid, box, solid-snake, metal-gear

Kept You Waiting Tank Top

by swaggytommy

Now I'll read more deeply into your soul.

Tags: art, metal-gear-solid-the-phantom-pain, metal-gear-solid-ground-zeroes, zeroes, ground-zeroes


Cadence : And finally, in charge of them, FILLY-HOUND's squad leader Sunset Snake. Sparkle : Sunset Snake?! Cadence : Yes and you're the only pony who can stand against her. Sparkle : Sunset Snake. Cadence : Sunset Snake. The mare with the same codename as you.

Tags: metal-gear-solid, metal-gear, solid-snake, big-boss, the-phantom-pain

Main Tag

Tags: solidus, revolver-ocelot, ocelot, revolver, quiet

Big Boss Tank Top

by txz

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