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Bad At Golf Throw Pillows


You might love golfing, but golf doesn't love you back. When you take the course, people grab their clubs, hop in their golf carts, and run for cover. You're so bad that the trees even feel bad for you!

Tags: bad-golfer, funny-golf, suck-at-golf, bad-at-golf, golf-funny


Golfing is your passion. In fact, everyone that knows you knows exactly where they can find you on the weekends - on the golf course in the woods, water, or sand trap!

Tags: suck-at-golf, bad-golfer, sand-trap, bad-at-golf, funny-golf


Going golfing is so relaxing. In fact, it's like a day at the beach. You spend most of your time in the sand and water. Make sure to bring your swim suit!

Tags: golf, golfing, golfer, bad-at-golf, in-the-rough

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You're not a bad golfer, right? You're just searching the woods for the elusive bigfoot! Bigfoot, who also goes by Sasquatch or Yeti, doesn't generally make an appearance on the fairway. That's why you're always shanking your golf balls into the trees. At least that's what you tell all your friends...

Tags: golf, golfing, bigfoot-funny, yeti-funny, golf-funny

Golf and Bigfoot Pillow

by jslbdesigns

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