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Hoaxes Throw Pillows


If there is a creature alive beneath the waters of Loch Ness, just what exactly could it be? Theories abound and hoaxes come and go, but the legend of Nessie lives on. Is she merely a crafty plesiosaur that somehow survived through the ages? Or she is just some kind of fish mutated by the effluent from the nearby haggis packing factory?

Tags: loch-ness, loch-ness-monster, monsters, plesiosaur, nessie

Nessie Lives Pillow

by GritFX
$25 $21

Every year has a meteor day.

Tags: humor, milennium, bug, humourous, humour

Apocalypse Survivor Pillow

by raffaus
$25 $21

Tags: humor, fake-news, stories, crazy, hoaxes

Here's Where It Gets Crazy Pillow

by FlashMac
$25 $21
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Are you the resident hoax debunker amongst your friend group? Or perhaps you know someone else who is? The perfect gift for the resident "hoax slayer". An original design by ThatsNonsense.com

Tags: geek, nerd, thatsnonsense, social-media, online-hoax

I Debunk Internet Hoaxes Pillow

by craigy101
$25 $21

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