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Funny Science Quotes Totes


Great Water Bear Don't Care Tee design which everyone will like! Water Bear Don't Care is an excellent purchase for yourself, and for a gift to family and friends. Buy Water Bear Don't Care tee design art as a T-shirt right now!

Tags: water-bear, water-bear-dont-care-funny-science, waterbear, water-bear-illustration, water-bears


Blac text with different thickness to different words. The text is a science reference joke and says "I had a super busy day converting oxygen into carbon dioxide". The phrase is divided up into eight lines and the word into has to lines beside is, one on each side.

Tags: gifts-for-science-majors, funny-science-quotes, carbon-dioxide, oxygen, biology

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Standard Model Lagrangian tshirt Standard Model science shirt which you can think of as the origin of all of the Feynman rules

Tags: feynman-rules, feynman, lagrange, lagrangian, funny-science-quotes


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