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Klefki Totes


HERE IT IS! The Adopted Beta's first shirt! We're so proud of her. If you're a fan of Beta wear her adopted face on your chest. Warning BlueJayOnToast is not responsible for loss of parents after purchasing apparel with this design

Tags: haunter, klefki, pokemon, twitchtv, twitch

TheAdoptedBeta Tote

by BlueJayOnToast
$20 $16

How about a Klefki design with a slew of colorful Kingdom Keys?

Tags: art, kingdom-hearts, klefki, keys, square-enix

Kingdom Jingle Kings Tote

by AnotherDayInFiction
$20 $15
Main Tag

Originally a emote doodle, I decided to clean it up for a cute design! Sticker version: http://www.redbubble.com/people/togekisser/works/20651984-klefki?p=sticker

Tags: klefki, pokemon, cute, fairy, steel

Klefki Tote

by Togekisser
$20 $16

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