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Knights Radiant Totes

Knights Radiant Tote

by xandstorm
$20 $15
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Lift and Wyndle in search of the best breakfast. In Brandon Sanderson's book, "Edgedancer," Lift goes to Yeddow in Tashikk to eat the 10 pancakes of the weeping. So, here's a nod to that book.

Tags: fantasy, funny, stormlightarchive, stormlight-archive, knights-radiant

Edgedancer Pancakes Tote

by corykerr
$20 $15

hoidthevoid on tumblr wanted to see this. I obliged. Merry Christmas!

Tags: brandon-sanderson, stormlight, brandon, sanderson, stormlightarchive

Moash is dead to me Tote

by NanaLeonti
$20 $16

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