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Tights Totes

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wanna be superhero ? wear tights !

Tags: funny, tights, real-superhero, bats, dark-knight

Batman's Secret Tote

by BER
$20 $16

"To send a man to the moon, we had to invent a new language, spoken not by man, but by computers. At first very large, very expensive computers, but we see the potential."

Tags: illustration, retro, future-world, disneybound, disneybounding

Spaceship Earth Animatronic Tote

by finadesignco
$20 $15

Because my 'best friend' is not a friend anymore. Inspired by the song 'Secrets don't Make Friends' by From First to Last - Outline made by hand with different point Sharpies & black pen. Colored on Photoshop.

Tags: backstabber, friends, friendship, betrayal, knife

Backstabber Tote

by NoisomeArt
$20 $16

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